14 July 2014

TNMM: Calling Festival 2014 | Music


Its been a ridiculously long time since I blogged (& with good reason) But instead of bore you with a heart to heart I thought I would save it for another post and reintroduce
 'The New Monday Morning' Posts! (even though its a little late in the day)

I went to Calling festival on June 29th where Stevie Wonder was the headlining act. Seeing him perform live is one thing that I can happily tick off of my bucket list. Stevie Wonder was awesome live and he's so funny too. I'm still in awe at how amazing it was. It's one of those 'pinch me' moments that I'll cherish forever! His set was phenomenal...Hearing 'Master Blaster' '(Jammin') & 'Superstition' topped it off for me. It was such a lovely day full of good vibes, Music, Sun, Pimms & Somersby cider.
I missed the 1st act; Michael Kiwankua but I did get the see Paloma Faith & Jack Johnson which was fab. During the interval I made a quick dash to grab some Maple syrup Churros & Coffee. As soon as I got my change I heard Stevie & his band playing the intro to 'How sweet it is'; perfect timing! Needless to say I made a quick dash back towards the stage along with everyone else who was queuing.
I totes forgot to take a picture of the churros I chowed down. If I had to described them in two words
- unspeakable goodness! ha!

8 May 2014

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter SS14 Launch Event | Beauty Brunch

Cocoa Brown
Hello Lovelies! 
Today I have an exciting post. I was recently invited to a beauty brunch at the Park Plaza Hotel to take a look at the newest products in the best-selling tanning range; Cocoa Brown.
I had a lovely afternoon learning more about the brand & meeting new bloggers 
( Check out these lovely blogs by Katie , Lottie , Rachel , Maria & Holly ) 
I also had the pleasure of meeting the lovely founder of Cocoa Brown;  Marissa Carter! ^_^

Cocoa Brown is a self-tanning range which you may have heard of as it is quickly becoming a popular favourite in the beauty industry and for many Women. The range includes everything you need to get the best smooth and bronze tan. It includes everything from an exfoliating scrub to an airbrush spray for legs. It's available to buy at Boots, Superdrug, Primark & Feel Unique. 

The event was held inside the hotel at the Primo Bar which has an amazing view of Big Ben.
The venue was absolutely lush and the prefect location for a Beauty brunch! On my way into the event I met Holly and together we were welcomed in by Alana who gave us a run down of the day and showed us to the table full of bountiful treats pictured below! 

After a cup of coffee, mingling and taking pictures I had the chance to speak to Stephanie and Marissa. They are honestly the sweetest most down to earth ladies I've ever met.
 They looked stunning and they were super friendly. Marissa is so humble and its really unique to see that in the beauty industry. It was so inspiring listening to Marissa's success story which keeps reaching new heights. It's very impressive and it couldn't have happened to a nicer lady. I read a quote on Marissa's Instagram which I really liked so i thought I'd share it;

"You're never too important to be grateful- Say Thank you" 

I completely agree with this and its something that I've always stuck to. I really admire how sincere Marissa is and Its always nice to see companies who really care about their brand and costumers.
In a way the event felt very celebratory & I'm so proud of all Marissa's accomplishments so far
and I wish her & Cocoa Brown all the best for the future!

I've heard nothing but good things from everyone who has tried the brand so I already know that it's something I'll love. You just have to read the reviews and see the ratings to know its a winner.
I'll be reviewing some Cocoa Brown Products in a blog post soon so keep a look out for that. 

Thanks you to Marissa Carter & her team for the invite and for a lovely afternoon!

29 April 2014

Music Edit: Gaslight @ Made In The Shade | Kieran Leonard & special guests

Its been a long time coming and finally its here; my review of the Gaslight event I went to a few weeks back. I was lucky enough to be invited to one of many Gaslight gigs at  Made in the Shade in Hoxton, to see Kieran Leonard & a very special Guest live.
(I had no idea who the special guest was going to be so it was a nice surprise but more on that later) 

If like me you live in London & love live Music you'll love the Gaslight events; a night of music, whisky & words. It has also been described as 'Literate, authentic and at times wildly unexpected’.

I'm a fan of live music but more specifically I love acoustic sets. Its always nice going to intimate gigs and supporting artists, so the whole evening was a treat for me! I highly recommend going to one of the shows if you're in London and looking for something to do on a Sunday evening. I can already say that Made in the Shade is one of my favourite spots in Hoxton. Everyone is so welcoming & it's one of those venues that cleverly merges everything you could possibly need to have a good time in one place; a Bar for drinks & cocktails, a back Garden with benches for mingling/a quick cigarette and to top it off they have a restaurant/lounge area. Add the fact that they have a live music residency every Sunday and its just perfect!

I've been thinking about how best to describe the venue so you can get a feel for the place and the only word I can think of is 'Hygge'. It's a Danish word pronounced 'Hyooguh' that I've picked up recently and it describes the 'cosy' & chilled feeling/atmosphere perfectly. My favourite piece of decor has to be the Empty Hendricks Gin bottles used as Candle holders! The candles around the stage and dim lighting made it all the more Hygge.

Nick Edward Harris
The night kicked off with a set from Special guest; Nick Edward Harris. I'd never seen him live so this was pretty awesome. He's an amazing songwriter & his music is mesmerising. His guitar playing style is also pretty epic; Its the jaw dropping - blow your mind type. Finger plucking & percussive guitar playing whilst still maintaining a strong melody; its incredible. His voice is distinct and reminds me a little of Nick Drake. Add the Harmonica (an instrument that I've tried to master so many times and failed) plus a violin and its just beautiful. His set included songs from his album 'Chemera'. I've been listening to it and its amazing, my fave songs are 'The Grey Squirrel' , 'Doubtful Sound' & of course 'Chimera'. 
If you get the chance to see him live you definitely should!

After a short interval Kieran played a fantastic set; an array of catchy songs from his Album 'Out of Work Astronaut'. (Love the title) Kieran has raw talent which is so refreshing as you don't see much of that now a days. His music is personal, poetic and heartfelt and that's the best kind in my opinion. 
I'd heard his music before but nothing beats seeing him live. The album is brilliant & If I had to choose I'd say 'Vampire', 'Air Raid' and 'Harold Pinter is Dead' are my faves. It was lovely hearing people singing and tapping along. You know you're in the right place when people just get it. 

Kieran Leonard

There is so much depth to his music with thought provoking lyrics; It really is an art. His performance was so engaging & each song takes you on a journey. At gigs I always look forward to the banter and it was nice to hear Kieran share a little bit about each song and its back story. He's also pretty funny and I found myself laughing a lot. The new record sounds great, I look forward to playing it on repeat! You can buy/download it here!

Gaslight will be held at Made in the Shade for the next few weeks so definitely check it out if you can!
I know I'd definitely like to go to one more show before its over.
 Its a nice way to spend a Sunday night and support amazing artists!

Thanks to Maria, Mitch & Made in the Shade for inviting me and making me feel welcome!


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